the place


road_dreamin my heart
there is a place
that dreams
i hold it there
so tightly
i never waver—
in the times
i feel weak
i cling to it
i cling to the place
where my dreams
have life
i inhale,
breathe that place deep
into my lungs
i let it permeate my every pore
swell heavy in my spirit
bring joy into my heavy heart
spirit, soul, collide
my dream comes alive once more

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“Lost at Sea”


Lost at sea
I would love to be
no bills to pay
no phone to ring
no worries for me
let the waves lull me to sleep
the warm sun tan my naked skin
adorn me only with the salt of the sea
around me nothing but the calm,
delicate breeze,
and the birds of the air—
fish below, to and fro,
all creatures existing in perfect harmony;
all would be as it should be
I’ve been on this land far too long;
it’s withered my spirit;
I need renewal
I’m setting off now
Don’t expect me back

photo credit: lala land via photopin (license)

“Sort Well”


A coin-operated laundry shop just opened
I think I’ll have a look;
should find a mighty fine
piece there.
worn out, dirt-covered jeans
I watch the suds cover
like frothy ocean waves
gentle hum of drying machines
mingled with anxious whirls;
it’s clean here
I can cleanly launder my things here—
my unmentionables; gasp,
The woman behind the counter shoves a box of soap powder
across the counter to a man in checkered flannel sleeves;
he seems pleased with the quality,
drops the coins into the drawer
throws in the soiled garments, his quality soap powder
drops the lid
Such ease and without the care
I take
perfectly folding in the end
corner to corner
must have absolute clean lines—
He steps out for a smoke
I’m folding my panties into perfect squares;
he steps out to the lot and turns to face me
our eyes meet briefly, then
back to my squares
That man with the smoke,
he saw my damn underwear.
Fuck it.
I’ll leave here with my pride in check
and he will have pink boxers.
The ills of improper sorting.

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Is it a wonder why I wander
around here looking for you?
I guess I thought I might
have seen a sign.
It flashed for just that one
My breath danced in the frigid air before me
I exhaled deeply,
smiled a sheepish grin,
and with pouted pink lips,
pulled my fingertips to my mouth
and pretended
to smoke.
The juke box bellowed
one sad tune after another.
Soft sexy melodies pushed their way
through the doors;
I leaned back and let them wrap me up
One more exhale and “I’m out.”
Time to bring these bones to life.
Shattered hearts filled the bar stools
and cheap cologne reeked into the stale air
The lights illuminated the dust
and faces with eagerness
rushed and smiled and eyes lowered then lifted
to see
Love doesn’t live here,
illusions of us do.

Made Just for Me


Swirling inside my heart

I find that there is a love so true for you

You-the one I have yet to meet

I dream of you and how God perfected you just for me

Here I am still toiling away

Wondering where I fit in this world

I wonder where you are in this huge

Expanse of space

And are you too thinking of me—

I ponder on

The craftsmanship of God’s hands, the time

He took when artfully He

Created the beauty that is your soul

I am still being molded and shaped

I am so imperfect

Yet I long for the day when God will

Bring your heart close to mine

Oh that I could love you

That I could finally look upon the eyes of the one

God made just for me

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After much wandering,

I stopped briefly and looked up.

I realized I had not done that in quite some time.

The “looking up.”

Instead- I wandered aimlessly, always searching,


the search was

fruitless. void. insignificant,

and at times, damaging.

I digress.

In that moment, above it all-

I caught sight of the most beautiful vision

Midflight- a creature spread its wide, strong wings

Beak high in the air, soaring above, below and between

All the while-

Wandering with intention, with fierce and bold courage

“This is me world”- she mused. “Look at my bad ass wings.

I soar high as shit. You can’t touch this.”

I’m never gonna wander without purpose.

Never gonna not stop to look up and look around and see all the beauty that surrounds me,

I’m never not gonna be like this bird. I’m a badass too, and I’m gonna soar bitches.

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And when I am alone

I dream of who I want to be

Who I want to make this journey for me

The love I hope to give and receive

All the beauty in this world

Too much for one soul to believe

I long to spend every moment

Getting lost in it

Never forget that you are perfect

to me.

Leaves will start sprouting forth their

New golden colors,

and like kings and queens,

they will shimmer so bright

I will adorn my head with

A crown made of the last flowers

Some dull, some bright,

Those that have held tight to the earth

I will praise them for their fortitude and

Honor their loveliness

My arms, like wings, will dance

and sway in the cooling breeze of autumn—

and I will forever find joy once lost

high up on those mountaintops.

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When the lights burn out

She removes the mask

Prepares her soul for the daunting task

And with her lips, a crimson pout

She begins to move above and about

She draws circles around and around

Up and in and right and down

Seething, sneering, as if in haste

“This life, she shrieks,

Has been a waste!

If not love,

Then why exist?

My heart, these aches, they dare persist

Crumbling inside me

Perpetually toiling

Sending me reeling, cascading and boiling

I plunder, I haunt, I vomit my blood

It’s my life, it hurts, it’s pain, it’s love

Dizzy, so dizzy now.

I feel I’ll spin

Right out of this world

Like the worst of sin

For loving you makes my heart go weak

Too much inside I dare not speak!”

So close up that forest and let her rest

Her heart is shattered beneath her breast

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Waiting for the solace


I’m still waiting


Right where I was

Right where I always will linger

Waiting for you

Your heart and all you will ever be

To grow inside my heart

Softness of your fingertips touch my skin

We lie there

Sheets wrapped around and beneath

You are my solace

I will rest in you

All this I dream

All this I cannot wait to know

Please manifest soon dear love

Patient- I am still waiting

Because you are worth the wait.

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I will be someone else
Instead I will abandon my heart
Instead I will question
The reflection in the mirror
Shout to it
Cross and petulant
I will deny it
Tell it to go away
Deny its beauty
Shudder at the thought of acceptance
Drown in tears
Spill dreams
All these things because of what you said

photo credit: Alba Soler Photography via photopin cc